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Testimonials for Ex-Stink Plumbing and Sewer Services

"I cannot begin to tell you how refreshing it was to have someone that is honest and hard-working come into your home and do what they said they would do at the price they quoted. I purchased a short sale and have a lot of upgrades I want to perform. Ex-Stink is now my preferred plumber! Ex-Stink really needs to be higher on the list of preferred plumbers. If you are in the Lake Villa, Round Lake, Gurnee or Grayslake area, PLEASE do not hesitate to call them. I promise you will not be sorry!"
Lorraine R.

"They did a great job. I really got the feeling they cared about helping me, wanted to do a good job, and never conveyed I was just some guy keeping them from going home. Very pleasant experience working with them!"
Paul R.

Project: Install, Replace or Repair a Main Sewer Pipe
Review: "I highly recommend these folks. They replaced over 100' of our main sewer line in 2 days. And we were able to use our facilities at the end of the first day. The whole team had a great attitude, were prompt, communicative, did great work really quickly and cleaned up well. Ex-Stink was not the lowest bidder, but I am convinced they were the best bidder and money well spent."
Tom H. in Northfield, IL