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Ex-Stink Services by Ex-Stink Plumbing and Sewer Services in Chicagoland, IL


A service provided to open clogged drains. Rodding is a cable, run by a rod with a special inner drum and cable to make certain bends. We have the capability to add different size cutter blades to clean the sewer line.


A service provided to open clogged drains. Hydro-Jetting has high-pressure water jets that safely clean grease and sludge. This is mostly used in restaurants and automotive stations. Hydro-Jetting brings the pipe back to almost factory condition.

Full Service Plumbing

We offer full service plumbing for all commercial, residential, new construction, city and municipality customers.

Sewer Line Repair/Replacement

Repair or replacement of defective sewer lines. We offer a televised sewer line service with the use of a camera to find out where to problems are arising.


Televising is a state of the art technology that lets you see live footage of the condition of your sewer lines. You will be able to see if you sewer lines are broken, separated or decaying along with blockages such as tree roots.


A locator pinpoints the exact location of your sewer main and also determines the depth by audio and digital readouts.

Sump/Ejector Pumps

Installation and servicing of sump and ejector pumps.

Tree Root Removal

Removal of tree roots from you sewer line with proper rodding cutters that cut out the roots from your sewer lines.


Full excavation work for all of our services

Hot Water Heaters

Repair or replacement

Flood Controls

Routine Service Plans

Get set up on a service plan that works with your sewer system to maintain the health of your system. We'll call you and set up appointments at your convenience, so we can help you avoid high cost sewer repairs.